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These short sample video clips
are formatted for Internet display.

Your video may be designed for...

Internet sites  ~  Your Website  ~  DVD

Of course, our marketing videos are tailored
to your own specifications, style and length.
DVDs will generally be 5 to 10 minutes.
Internet versions may be significantly
shorter for performance.
Music is an important component of the
"style" and "energy" of the videos we create.
We feel it has a significant impact on
enjoyment, comfort and motivation...
and it sets the tone for your message.

Video Sampler

Get leverage.
Get video.

In order to view the videos, you may be prompted to approve a control on your computer. If you
have any difficulty viewing either a Flash Video version on your computer, or if you would like
to see it in larger format on TV, please contact us to receive another link or a DVD! 
Sound on?

Embellished Entertainment can develop a video solution that meets your specifications.      
Whether your interest is a virtual tour or a customer testimonial, for Web site, Internet sharing site or DVD... let's talk.      

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