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Your marketing video project can be used
to create a compelling Virtual Tour of
your facilities, amenities, capabilities and
your staff at work. Your video should
also describe your unique concept and
Great marketing impact can be provided
though live Testimonials from
your satisfied customers and though
Management Interviews that explain
your mission.
Events & parties can also be captured for
continued sharing and reinforcement of
your company's human side.

Typical Projects

Video Brochure
Virtual Tour

Get creative.
Get video.

Facilities - Describe and tour your facilities and their architecture, special features,
capabilties and location. Include assorted clips highlighting attractive, unique and important
value-add characteristics! This is a great opportunity to differentiate from the competition.
Sites & Amenities - Your business is unique and your buildings, sites and hard assets
allow you to provide a high level of service and quality. Show them off!
People, Residents, Staff! - Present your clients and staff in all their glory!
A sampling of existing photos can go a long way here. Reinforce your staff's exceptional
traits, professionalism, experience and attitudes by showing them in action.
Events! Parties! - Special events and parties provide an excellent topic and opportunity
to catch your clients and staff interacting in a casual and fun setting. Video is the perfect
tool and can result in a compelling presentation of the facilities, staff, clients and friends.

Your clients want to know about your business, products, services and team. A visual video clip can be a powerful and concise tool to deliver      
your message and differentiating characteristics. Let Embellished Entertainment help you to capture and differentiate your solutions on video.      

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