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Your organization can easily leverage
the power of your own video tour via
DVDs and via the exceptional reach
of the Internet.
We can help!

A variety of options exist for sharing your
video with potential customers.   Certainly,
a labeled DVD gives a nice impression and
is versatile, but, when it comes to reach
there's nothing like the Internet.
And now, thanks to countless research and
sharing sites, videos on the Internet have
become the hot power tool for marketing!

Internet Leverage

Your Web Site
Industry List Sites
Hot Sharing Sites

Get discovered.
Get video.

Whether it be on your own web site or on any number of listing, social or sharing sites, your video
promotion can receive wide spread exposure on the Internet.   This is a fantastic way to leverage your
efforts and reach all of your different market segments and locations.
YouTube? Facebook? Linked-in? Who knows which video sharing sites might be a valid choice for your
business? Surprisingly, they are being used more and more by businesses in this way.  We've seen
representation from all sorts of industries in these sites... even senior communities.   The point is,
video on the Internet is becoming a standard expectation and your competitors are taking advantage.
Technical Considerations - The format and size of your video are important technical considerations
effecting viewing quality and speed of access. Whether your video is deployed on DVD, high speed
"streaming" video for the Internet or both, we will work with you to determine and then develop the
most efficient file formats and various other technical solutions for each type of deployment.
We are also happy to work directly with your Web site service.

In addition to your own Web site, we can help you with professional Internet site recommendations for your video hosting.      
We also offer a video sharing and hosting site at OurVideoClip.com.   OurVideoClip is designed for professional business videos.      
Learn more!    More on sharing your video.      

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