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“Mike has created a fabulous –I mean super
fabulous video of San Clemente Villas by the
Sea. I love it! It’s upbeat, jazzy and hip.”
Aileen Brazeau,
Senior community owner

“After viewing the web, Johanna watched the video
and was dazzled. I asked if they would be touring
anywhere else. They said absolutely not...
Johanna loved the video so much, she did not
need to see anything else and wanted them to
look only at our community.

Loved the Video; loved the tour; and deposited.”
Stephanie Alter,
Senior community marketing director

About Us

Get help.
Get video.

Embellished Entertainment is focused on development of marketing strategies and tools,
especially creatively deployed videos, that inform and motivate our customers' future clients.

We draw from a wide range of experience to develop our projects. Ultimately, our clients benefit
from a unique aggregation of expertise that is the basis of our creative direction, technical
knowledge and marketing emphasis.

We’re proud to draw upon over 40 years of combined industry, technical, marketing and management
expertise, with special background and practice in areas ranging from senior community management
to over 20 years of marketing in comprehensive business systems. With this background and
essential creative and technical components in place, we’re able to design and deliver effective
solutions that enhance our clients' strategies while meeting expectations.

We're ready and able to assist in development of client marketing strategies and deployment of any
tools that are based on video, Internet and other rapidly evolving, high impact, technologies.

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Internet - marketing, video hosting, lead optimization      
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